AGMH’s mission is to become one of the key participants and contributors in the global blockchain ecosystem.

Incorporated in April 2015 and listed on Nasdaq Global Markets on April 2018, AGM Group Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: AGMH) is an integrated technology company focusing on:

1. research and development of blockchain-oriented ASIC chip;
2. production of high-end crypto miner for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
3. fintech software service;

AGMH headquartered in Beijing, China, has a team consisted of industry veterans in high-performance chip designs, crypto mining equipment production, and blockchain and fintech applications.

On August 2021, AGMH announced its new growth strategy mainly focusing on crypto miner business and high-performance ASIC chip research and development, and supplemented by development of blockchain and fintech applications. 

AGMH is one of the few publicly-listed companies at US market with both ASIC chip design and crypto miner production capabilities and its released crypto miner has competitive product performance and parameters.

AGMH’s in-house branded Crypto KOI MINER C16 (“C16”), release on August 2021, is equipped with the C3012 chip made by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.’s N+1 process. It has a hash rate up to 113 TH/s and a power efficiency ratio of 30 J/T, supporting the mining of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. C16’s parameters have surpassed its peer miners including Bitmain’s Antminer S19 pro and Canaan’s AvalonMiner1246.

Company executives in charge of chip and crypto miner business entered the ASIC chip field back in 2013 and was one of the pioneers within the industry. With extensive experience and industry resources, company is able to ensure the stability of the supply chain and secure the supplies to crypto mining operators during the global chip shortage

In blockchain and fintech application areas, AGMH launched a financial training network web service back to June 2019. It targets the beginner and intermediate users and help them to improve their basic trading skills and be more familiar with knowledge of modern trading software and financial markets. Fintech product team remain actively research and seek opportunities to introduce blockchain-based NFT and Defi technologies into existing products, aiming to provide more values to clients and bring more knowledge of blockchain and crypto assets to clients.