Incorporated on April 27, 2015 and listed on Nasdaq Global Markets on April 18, 2018, AGM Group Holdings Inc. ( 'AGMH' ) is a financial technology company and financial solutions provider, focused on delivering innovative trading platform solutions and financial technologies. We strive to become a one-stop solution provider that focuses on providing financial technology service to clients. 

AGMH are primarily engaged in business of online trading platform application and computer program technical support and solution service (“Online Trading and Computer Support Service”). We provide our trading platform application services through cloud computing or commonly known as Software as a Service (“SaaS”) approach. Our clients are able to trade more than 80 products on our trading platform, including foreign currencies, commodities, and precious metal, all of which are based on spot trading contract. We have made investment in the development and support of our three service lines.

AGMH launched a financial training network web service after June 2019. This part of the service will target the beginner and intermediate users and help them to improve their basic trading skills and be more familiar with knowledge of modern trading software and financial markets. This service may be distributed through own brand name or through white label partner. White label partner is normally an institution that buy or lease the solution, and hosts and maintains the solution using its own brand name. 

AGMH have a professional team of software engineers working on web service and software development, integration and customization. We have integrated, customized and developed management supporting system, user office management software and multi-account trading system with the Core Trading System.