Company Mission
AGMH’s mission is to become one of the key participants and contributors in the global blockchain ecosystem. 
Business focus
1. research and development of blockchain-oriented ASIC chip;
2. production of
high-end crypto miner for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;
fintech software service; 
C3012 chip. It is made by SMIC, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.’s, N+1 process
Crypto Miner
AGMH’s in-house branded Bitcoin Miner - KOI MINER C16 (“C16”), release on August 2021, is equipped with the C3012 chip made by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.’s N+1 process. It has a hash rate up to 113 TH/s and a power efficiency ratio of 30 J/T, supporting the mining of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies. C16’s parameters have surpassed its peer miners including Bitmain’s Antminer S19 pro and Canaan’s AvalonMiner1246. 
Targeting Market for ASIC Chip and Crypto Miner
Institutional and wholesale clients only, for instance, crypto mining operators, digital asset infrastructure operators, crypto miner assembler and wholesaler, ideally US, Canada publicly-listed crypto mining companies.
Due to regulatory reason, we don't sell product to the regions where digital asset mining is not allowed.
Planned strategies to grab more share of crypto miner market
1. maintain good relationships with our partners on supplier chain;
2. maintain stable Chip supply;
3. directly communicate with US, Canada, Europe institutional clients
4. actively raise capital using position as a publicly-listed company to lower the cost of mass production
5. build technical support center in North America and Europe
6. provide customed and energy efficient solutions
Logics behind business in Blockchain and Fintech application
1. Crypto mining for Bitcoin is based on PoW mechanism, while some other cryptocurrencies mining activities require PoS method for block reward. It is essential for us to actively maintain an expert team to achieve company mission, because we may provide PoS crypto mining product or service in the future.
2. Defi and NFT are intrinsically connected to traditional fintech product and applications. They can bring more value to ultimate clients. AGMH’s fintech product team remain actively research and seek opportunities to introduce blockchain-based NFT and Defi technologies into existing products.
3. Small inputs into Defi and NFT technology keep company exposed to possibly breaking-through technology and latest client behaviors, and therefore may financially bring huge return to company.
Planned strategies to development of blockchain and fintech application
1. Add general knowledge and trading ideas of crypto assets into current financial training network web service.
2. Introducing Defi and NFT technologies to financial training network web service.
3. Establish office and research center in Hong Kong or Singapore as those regions have cleared regulatory framework towards crypto assets and blockchain technology, and hire more senior professional.
Growth Strategy updated time
This growth strategy is updated on August 2021.